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Blechnum chilense

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William Jackson Hooker, Garden ferns; or, Coloured figures and descriptions ... of a selection of exotic ferns adapted for cultivation in the garden. Drawing by W. Fitch
February 1st. 1862

Blechnum cordatum (Desv.) Hieron.
Hedwigia 47: 239. 1908.
better known as
Blechnum chilense (Kaulf.) Mett.
Filices Lechleriannae 1: 14. 1856.

Monserrate 1870: Lomaria Chilensis, L. longifolia, &c., and the whole bank was covered like a brake, but with such choice ferns as we see only in our best collections.

Lomaria chilensis Kaulf. in Enumeratio Filicum 154. 1824.
Lomaria cordata Desv.Der Gesellschaft Naturforschender Freunde zu Berlin Magazin für die neuesten Entdeckungen in der Gesammten Naturkunde 5: 330. 1811. (Basionym)
Blechnum cordatum (Desv.) Hieron. Hedwigia 47: 239. 1908.
Lomaria gilliesii Hook. & Grev.
Blechnum arborescens (Klotzsch) Hieron.
Blechnum chilense (Kaulf.) Mett.
Blechnum ornifolium (C. Presl) Ettingsh.
Blechnum peruvianum Hieron.
Lomaria chilensis Kaulf.
Lomaria ornifolia C. Presl
Lomaria serrulosa Desv.

Hooker lists Lomaria Chilensis Klfs. En. Fil. p. 154 (= Lomaria chilensis Kaulf. in Enumeratio Filicum 154. 1824. ) as a synonym of Lomaria procera, Spr. an name that has a homonym of the same date for L. procera (G. Forst) Desv. 1827 (Basionym Osmunda procera). Later Hooker gave the name Lomaria gilliesii Hook. & Grev. Icones Filicum t. 207. 1831.

Listed with the plate from Garden Ferns are the following synonyms:
Lomaria procera. Spreng. Syst. Veg. t>. 4. p. 65.
Lomaria latifolia. Colenso, in Tasm. Journ. Nat. Sc. v. 2. p. 176.
Lomaria Capensis. Willd. Sp. Pl. ». 5. p. 291. Rawson and Pappe, En. Fil. Cap. p. 27.
Blechnum Capense. Schlecht. Adumbr. FU p. 34. t. 18.
Onoclea Capensis. Si». Syn. Fil. p. 111.
Onoclea Capensis. Si». Syn. Fil. p. 111.
Osmunda Capensis. Linn. Mant.
Stegania procera and S. minor. Br. Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holl. p. 153.
Lomaria Chilensis. Klß. En. Fil. p. 154. Hook. Gen. Fil. t. 64 В (sterile and fertile pinnae and analysis). C. Gay, Fil. Chil. p. 23.
Lomaria spectabilis? Liebm. Fil. Мех. p. 83. Rich. Fl. N. Zeal. t. 247
Lomaria lineata. Willd. Sp. Pl . v. 6. p. 290 (venation more distinct).
Osmunda lineata. Sw. Syn. Fil. p. 111.
Blechnum procerum. Labill. Fl. Nov. Holl. ». 2. p. 87. t. 247.
Lomaria striata. Willd. Sp. Pl . ». 5. p. 291.
Onoclea procera. Spreng. in Schrad. Journ. v. 3. p. 267.
Osmunda procera. Forst. Prodr. n. 414.
Asplenium procerum. Bernh. Act. Enf. 1802, p. 4. /. 1.
Parablechnum procerum. Pr. Epim. Bot. p. 109.
Lomaria Gilliesii. Hook, et Oreo, le. Fil. t. 207. Orthogramme Gilliesii. Pr. Epim.

Hab. A Fern of wide, yet not general geographic distribution ; its maximum is in the southern hemisphere, but in the New World it extends as far north as Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. It seems to have been first detected by Förster in New Zealand, and since as far south as Banks' Island (Dr. Lyall). It occurs also in Tasmania, in Lord Auckland's and Campbell's Islands, in South Australia, South Africa, in the Malay and the South Pacific Islands ; in Jamaica, St. Vincent, Dominica, Guadeloupe, and in various parts of South America, chiefly in mountain districts.—Cultivated at Kew.

This wide distribution given by Hooker accounts for the extrordinary list of synonyms.

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