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Rondeletia amoena

Rogiera amoena
Flore des serres et des jardins de l’Europe by Charles Lemaire and others.Gand [Gent], Louis van Houtte, 1849, volume 5, plate 442. Hand-coloured lithograph by L. Stroobant

Rondeletia amoena (Planch.) Hemsl.
Diagnoses Plantarum Novarum ... Mexicanarum 2: 26. 1879.

Introduced to Belgium from Guatamala 1838. Nomenclature based on plants cultivated in Belgium (Van Houtte establishment), presumably from Guatemalan seed type not designated.

Recorded at Monserrate in 1885 as Rondeletia (Rogiera) rosea.

Has rather confused nomenclature:

Rogiera amoena Planch. Flore des Serres et des Jardins de l'Europe 5: 442A. 1849.

Accepted name
Rogiera amoena Planch.
Borhidi, A., J. Darok, M. Kocsis, Sz. Stranczinger & F. Kaposvári 2004. El Rondeletia complejo en México. Acta Bot. Hung. 46(1–2): 91-135.

Generally accepted name however is Rondeletia amoena (Planchon) Hemsley (European Garden Flora Vol VI p. 87)

Rondeletia amoena (Planch.) Hemsl.
Standley, P.C. & L.O. Williams 1975. Rubiaceae. In Standley, P.C. & Williams, L.O. (Eds), Flora of Guatemala - Part XI. Fieldiana, Bot. 24(11/1–3): 1–274.
Lorence, D. H. 1999. A nomenclator of Mexican and Central American Rubiaceae. Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard. 73: 1–177.

Illustrated in Curtis's Botanical Magazine 4579 (1851) as Rondeletia versicolor


Rogiera amoena Planch.
Rogiera elegans Planch.
Rogiera langlassei (Standl.) Borhidi
Rogiera latifolia (Oerst.) Decne.
Rogiera menechma Planch.
Rogiera pittieri (K. Schum. & K. Krause) Borhidi
Rogiera roezlii Planch. (Perhaps this is the Monserrate Rogiera rosea ?)
!Rogiera versicolor (Sm. ex Hook.) Lindl. & Paxton
Rondeletia langlassei Standl.
Rondeletia latifolia Oerst.
Rondeletia ligustroides Hemsl.
Rondeletia pittierii K. Schum. & K. Krause
Rondeletia roezlii (Planch.) Hemsl.
Rondeletia rugosa Benth.
Rondeletia schumanniana K. Krause
Rondeletia versicolor Sm. ex Hook.

English "yellowthroat rondeletia"
French "rondelétia jaune"
Spanish "quina", "quina falsa"
Costa Rica "teresa"
Elsevier's Dictionary of Trees

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