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Abies insignis

Abies insignis Carr. ex Bailly
Rev. Hort. (Paris) Vol 62, p. 230. (1890)

Cited at Monserrate 1870, "Abies insignis, only 9 years old, but 50 feet in height", this name was first published in 1890, but refers to a hybrid fir raised by the French nurseryman Renault at Bulnéville (Vosges) France around 1850.

Sur l'"Abies insignis" (Carrière), hybride naturel supposé des "Abies Pinsapo" et "Nordmanniana",
communication faite à la Société d'horticulture d'Orléans et du Loiret, séance du 5 mars 1893
Dr Émile Bailly de Château-du-Loir
Published by impr. de P. Pigelet, 1894

Henry John Elwes

This hybrid was obtained or 1849 in the nursery of M. Renault at Bulgnéville in the Vosges. A branch of A. Pinsapo was grafted on a stock of the common silver fir (A. pectinata) ; and after some years the grafted plant produced cones. Seeds from these were sown ; and of the seedlings raised one-half were like A. Pinsapo, the remainder being intermediate in character, it was supposed, between A. Pinsapo and A. pectinata ; and the variation was considered to be the result of graft hybridisation. However, at no great distance there was growing a tree of A. Nordmanniana ; and it is more probable that the hybrid character of the seedlings was the result of a cross from A. Pinsapo fertilised by the pollen of A. Nordmanniana. A complete account of these seedlings is given by M. Bailly.

Described by Pieter den Ouden in his Manual of Cultivated Conifers as a fast growing tree, 30m; crown broadly pyramidal

Abies nordmanniana x Abies pinsapo.

There are several cultivars recorded

'Andreana' Mottett in Rev. Hort 1902 : 163 = A. insignis var. andreana (Mottet) Rehd. in J.A.A. 1: 54 (1919)

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