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Gennaria diphylla

Gennaria diphylla (Link) Parl.
Gennaria diphylla (Dalzell) Parl.
Flora italiana, ossia descrizione delle piante ... 3: 405. 1958.
Habenaria diphylla Dalzell Hooker's Journal of Botany and Kew Garden Miscellany 2: 262. 1850.
Edwards' botanical register, 1499, Vol. 18, 1832
A native of the north-west of Africa and south-west of Europe ; Link and Brotero have found it in Portugal ; we have specimens from shady hills near Tangier, collected by salzmann ; and the Rev. Mr. Lowe found it on walls and rocks in Madeira. For the specimen from which our drawing was taken, we are obliged to the Rev. Mr. Berkeley, at whose request it was forwarded to us from the rich collection of Lord Milton, by Mr. Joseph Henderson. To the latter excellent cultivator we are indebted for the following note upon its habits :-
"The plant grows very well in the Greenhouse ; but it requires a little more heat at this season, which seems to be its flowering season (November), than the Greenhouse affords; and I find that it flowers best in the coolest parts of the stove."
Link: Ind. Loc. :”Nur ein Satyrium finder sich in Portugal, abe reine ausgezeichnete neue Art, in den Hainen an der Serra da Arrabida, und den Fichtenwälden um Setuval”
Live plants were cultivated at Glasgow Botanic Garden, sent by R. T. Lowe from Entrada, San Gorge, Madeira. Flowered 1831 & 1832 when it was figured for Botanical magazine.
Synonyms given by Lindley
Herminium cordatum
Satyrium diphyllum Link in Schrad. diar. 1799. p. 323 [Journal für die Botanik 2: 323. 1799.]
Orchis cordatata Willd. sp. pl. 4. 28
Habenaria cordata Br, prodr. p. 312. Spreng. syst. v. 3 691. Hooker in bot misc. v. 1 p. 270 t. 55 Bot. mag 3164, Vol. 59. 1832

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