Sunday, 8 February 2009

Strobilanthes maculatus

Ruellia maculata, Wall. PI. As. Rar. III. t. 250

Strobilanthes maculatus (Wall.) Nees
DC., Prod. 11: 190. 1847
Basionym: Ruellia maculata Wall.

Heber Drury, Hand-book of the Indian Flora, Madras 1866, Page 434

(13) S. Maculatus. (Nees.)

Ident. Dec. prod. XI. p. 190.
Syn. Ruellia maculata, Wall. PI. As. Rar. III. p. 33. & t. 250

Spec. Char. Fruticose : leaves oblong-lanceolate, caudale- scuminate, obtusely serrated, attenuated at both ends, alternate, long-petioled. pilose, white-spotted above : spikes axillary and terminal, somewhat loose, pubescent : bracts oblong-cuneate, obtuse sessile : flowers blue.
Silhet mountains, flowering in July.

Monserrate: until recently this plant grew in the Fern Valley.

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