Thursday, 1 January 2009

Staphylea colchica Steven
Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou 21(3):276. 1848

Curtis's Botanical Magazine vol. 120 (7383) 1894

Bladder nut: Caucasus: Georgia - Abkhazia, Ajaria
Introduction not recorded, W. J. Bean states date as 1879 as date (Veitch received a First Class Certificate from Royal Hort. Soc. at this time). But it was already grown in Paris by January 1855, introduced by Pélé. (see Journal d'horticulture pratique de la Belgique, 1854-5) See also previous article by Jacques in Revue horticole(date?). Largely grown in late 19th C. England as a pot plant forced for early spring flowers.

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Phil59 said...

I tried since one year Staphylea holocarpa var. rosea here in the North of France. Certainly you know it. I hope that it will become an appreciate and remarkable (does this word exist in english ?) big shrub in our garden. Its pink colour is more pinkish (more white)
Difficult to find it in France, easier in Belgium or Nederland

Happy new year !