Saturday, 24 January 2009


Species List (Kew)

These species were an early introduction to European gardens, Philip Miller listed five species in his Gardeners' Dictionary of 1835

Attalea compta Introduced 1823 Brazil, thatch for baskets, hats mats
Attalea funifera Introduced 1823 Brazil, best cordage in South America
Attalea excelsa Introduced 1824 Para
Attalea speciosa Introduced 1824 Brazil, used in the manufacture of India Rubber
Attalea spectabilis Introduced 1824 Para

All species were considered stove plants.
Habitat chiefly in the tropical parts of America, where they occupy the richest soils and the hottest forests, rarely ascending the sides of the mountains or spreading from the woods into the open country.

Chittenden, RHS Dictionary, 1951 gives Attalea grandis as a synonym for Arecastrum [now Syagrus] romanzoffianum.

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