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Ipomoea indica

Curtis's Botanical magazine Vol 68 nº 3928
Illustrated from the greenhouse of Mr. Curtis at Glazenwood Nursery. Native of Buenos Ayres, sent by Mr. Mandeville, British minister in that country to the Hon. W. F. Strangways. At Mr Knight's Nursery, King's Road, Chelsea, a fine plant of this, forty feet in length, produced no less than sixty thousand flowers, expanding successively, from three to eight hundred a day.
Mr. Lear's Gaybine. Surely nobody ever called this Gaybine, Morning Glory is the universal name of this plant and its tribe, a name that has endured the many changes to the binomial listed below. Mr Lear's it is no longer, and according to Lindley in Edward's Botanical register of 1841, it never was. Lear was supposed to have sent seeds to Knight's nursery from Ceylon. In fact as we are told by Hooker this plant was obtained from Brazil.
Lindley gives an enthusiastic description of the plant which was the sensation of the season, grown in all collections of new plants. Its extreme ease of propagation must have helped with its popularity, but there is no doubt that it was highly regarded, despite its propensities to imitate its weedy cousins, the bind weeds.
This plant has become invasive In mild climates where the tuberous roots survive the winter. R. T. Lowe in his Manual Flora of Madeira predicted that, grown in gardens all over Funchal, it was about to "naturalise."
Listed at Monserrate in 1870
Ipomœa Learii drapes the whole summit of the wall with its great bells of deepest azure.

Fosberg (Bot. Not. 129: 35-38. 1976) has sorted out the complicated nomenclature for this pantropical species and established that Ipomoea indica is the correct name for it.

Convolvulus acuminatus Vahl
Convolvulus bogotensis Kunth
Convolvulus congestus (R. Br.) Spreng.
Convolvulus indicus Burm.
*Convolvulus mollis Kunth
Convolvulus mollis Meisn.
*Convolvulus mollis Kunth
Convolvulus mutabilis (Ker Gawl.) Spreng.
Convolvulus portoricensis Spreng.
!Ipomoea acuminata (Vahl) Roem. & Schult.
*Ipomoea amoena Blume
Ipomoea cataractae Endl.
Ipomoea cathartica Poir.
Ipomoea congesta R. Br.
Ipomoea dealbata (M. Martens & Galeotti) Hemsl.
Ipomoea insularis (Choisy) Steud.
Ipomoea kiuninsularis Masam.
Ipomoea learii Knight ex Paxton
Ipomoea mitchellae Standl.
Ipomoea mollis (Kunth) G. Don
!Ipomoea mutabilis Ker Gawl.
*Ipomoea mutabilis Lindl.
Ipomoea portoricensis (Spreng.) G. Don
Ipomoea vahliana House
Parasitipomoea formosana Hayata
Pharbitis acuminata (Vahl) Choisy
Pharbitis bogotensis (Kunth) Choisy
Pharbitis cathartica (Poir.) Choisy
Pharbitis dealbata M. Martens & Galeotti
Pharbitis heterosepala Benth.
Pharbitis indica (Burm.) R.C. Fang
Pharbitis insularis Choisy
Pharbitis learii (Knight ex Paxton) Lindl.
Pharbitis medians Choisy
Pharbitis mollis (Kunth) Choisy

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Ipomoea learii Knight ex Paxton Paxton's Magazine of Botany 6: 267. 1839.
Pharbitis learii (Knight ex Paxton) Lindl.
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Pharbitis indica (Burm.) R.C. Fang Flora Reipublicae Popularis Sinicae 64(1): 105. 1979.

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