Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Exochorda racemosa

Exochorda racemosa (Lindl.) Rehder
Plantae Wilsonianae 1(3): 456. 1913.
Walter Oates was using the old name for this rosaceous shrub, Exochorda grandiflora, as described in Gardener's Chronicle & Agricultural Gazette 1858: 925. 1858. Once growing below the chapel, it is long gone, not only from Monserrate, but also it has practically disappeared from Portuguese gardens altogether.
Sent by Fortune as Amelanchier racemosa from the north of China, to the Bagshot nursery of Standish and Noble. Hardy in Surrey, flowered May, 1854.
Amelanchier racemosa Lindley 1847
Spirea grandiflora Hooker Bot Mag LXXX (4795) 1847
also illustr. Fl. des Serr. IX. 247, (954) 1854

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