Friday, 8 May 2009

Sikkim Rhododendrons

The major rhododendron wealth were exposed from north eastern Himalayas with the coming out of the works of Sir Joseph Hooker by 1850 a document having descriptions on magnificent Sikkim rhododendrons. It was during 1849 and 1850 when Sir Joseph Hooker's routed to Sikkim in the eastern Himalayas discovering as many as forty-five new species like yellow-flowered R. campylocarpum and R. wightii; the red-flowered R. thomsonii; the small trees, R. falconeri, R. grande, and R. hodgsonii, with their enormous leaves; the epiphytes, R. dalhousiae and R. maddenii; the large vigorous R. griffithianum with massive white flowers; and the interesting R. triflorum, R. edgeworthii, R. fulgens, R. niveum, R. wallichii, R. lanatum, R. glaucophyllum, R. cinnabarinum, and R. lepidotum.

List of Sikkim Rhododendrons:

R. aeruginosum
R. anthopogon
R. baileyi
R. barbatum
R. camelliiflorum
R. campanulatum
R. campylocarpum
R. ciliatum
R. dalhousiae
R. decipiens
R. edgeworthii
R. falconeri
R. fulgens
R. galucophyllum
R. grande
R. griffithianum
R. hodgsonii
R. lanatum
R. lepidotum
R. leptocarpum
R. lindleyi
R. maddenii
R. nivale
R. niveum
R. pendulum
R. pumilum
R. setosum
R. sikkimense
R. thomsonii
R. triflorum
R. vaccinioides
R. virgatum
R. wallichi
R. wightii

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