Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rhododendron aucklandii Hook. f.

Rhododendron aucklandii Hook. f.
The Rhododendrons of Sikkim-Himalaya pl. 11. 1851.

Rhododendron griffithianum var. aucklandii (Hook. f.) Hook. Botanical Magazine 84: , pl. 5065. 1858.

accepted name:

Rhododendron griffithianum Wight
Icones Plantarum Indiae Orientalis 4: 6, pl. 1203. 1848.

This rhododendron was named for Hooker's patron, Lord Auckland.

William Griffith (1810-1845), head of the Calcutta Botanic Garden, had already collected specimens in 1835, in Bhutan.

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