Sunday, 10 May 2009

Rhododendron wightii Hook.f.

Rhododendron wightii Hook.f. -- Rhod. Sikkim-Himal. t. 27.
This exceedingly handsome and abundant species replaces the R. Hodgsoni in ascending the mountains, and is the most prevalent species at 12 and 13,000 feet, conspicuous at all seasons for the large foliage, of a rusty cinnamon-colour underneath, and the viscid buds. It bears the name of a distinguished Indian botanist and personal friend, to whose zeal and liberality the botanists of India are no less publicly, than I am personally, indebted for encouragement and the most material aid in our common pursuits. The 'Icones Plantarum Indian Orientalis'--an excellent work in all respects,and indispensable to a knowledge of Indian plants -is a remarkable instance of the perfection to which botanical illustrations can be brought by indomitable perseverance under the most discouraging circumstances. The first plates of that work are equal to any produced at the era of their publication in India; the latter will compete with the best outline lithographs of Europe.

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