Saturday, 9 May 2009

Rhododendron maddeni Hook.f.

Rhododendron maddeni Hook.f. -- Rhod. Sikkim-Himal. t. 18.

Rhododendron maddenii Hook. f.

Published In: The Rhododendrons of Sikkim-Himalaya 2: , pl. 18. 1851.

Annotation: as "maddeni"
Of this species the foliage and the flowers are faintly odorous. Very different as this may appear at first sight from R. cinnabarinum (Tab. VII. of this work), it clearly belongs to the same natural group along with R. Roylei. The very large white flowers, the numerous stamens, and ten-celled fruit abundantly distinguish it.
I do myself the pleasure to name this truly superb plant in compliment to Major Madden of the Bengal Civil Service, a good and accomplished botanist, to whose learned memoirs on the plants of the temperate and tropical zones of North-west Himalaya, the reader may be referred for an excellent account of the vegetation of those regions. The same gentleman's paper on the Conifere of the north of India may be quoted as a model of its kind.

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