Friday, 20 March 2009

Yellow Grevillea

This is not an historic plant - in fact it is growing in one of my projects on Madeira Island. I have managed to acquire a reasonable number of Grevilleas - still uncommon plants in Europe. Unfortunately they are all nameless. This one is really distinct with narrow lemon yellow flowers, and bright silvery backs to the leaves.

I need to find a good illustrated guide to the cultivated Grevilleas.


Anonymous said...

Hello Gerald, this looks like a registered hybrid known as Grevillea "Sandra Gordon", a cross between G.sessilis and G.pteridifolia, which originate in dry tropical/sub-tropical Queensland open forest and woodland. Grows rapidly to three to five metres and often falls over.

A good place to search up Australian cultivars is the Australian Cultivar Registration Authority at,or the database at

Gerald Luckhurst said...

Thanks for valuable information. Looks like I might have planted it in the wrong place. I hope I can find another one before it blows over! I have never seen it for sale again - they are very difficult to find in Portugal. I will take a look at those links.