Saturday, 28 March 2009

Cunninghamia lanceolata

Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook in Bot. Mag. 54: t.2743 (1827)
Pinus lanceolata lamb. (1803)
Cunninghamia sinensis R. Br. ex Rich., Mem Conif. 80 (1926)

Widely distributed in the mountain valleys of Central and Souuth China, originally discovered in the Island of Chusan in 1702; Introduced to Kew by William Kerr in 1804. E.H. Wilson found the tree in large forests at altitudes of 800-1300 m in Omei Shan, and it is also plentiful in Ichang and West Szechuan.

Manual of Cultivated Conifers: Hardy in the Cold-and Warm-temperate Zone
Pieter den Ouden, Boudewijn Karel Boom
Edition: 3, illustrated
Springer, 1982
Hooker's figure of female cones is not very accurate - it was based upon a drawing published by Achille Richard (Commentatio botanica de Conifereis et Cycadeis p. 80, pl. 18, f. 3. 1826. ). Hooker's plant flowered with male catkins in 1826-7 at Glasgow.

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Carlos Aguiar said...

Já vi esta árvore no Jardim da Pena. Absolutamente maravilhosa.