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Trachystemon orientalis

Borago orientalis L.
Annales de la Société royale d’Agriculture et de Botanique de Gand, Journal d’horticulture
Charles Morren (editor).
Gand, 1845, volume 1, plate 25.
Royal Agricultural and Botanical Society of Gent, Started and edited by Charles Morren at the same time as the more successful competitor Flore des serres et des jardins de l’Europe of the nurseryman Louis van Houtte.

Trachystemon orientalis (L.) G. Don. fil.
Gen. Syst. 4: 309 (1837)

Habitat: forests; upper mountain belt Northern Caucasus; Transcaucasus: Georgia, shore of the Black Sea. Rare. Shady places. E. Bulgaria, Turkey-in-Europe, N. Anatolia, W. Caucasus.

Borago orientalis L.
Psilostemon orientalis D.C.
Borago orientalis Mill. in dict. ed. 8 n.2
Sydenham Teast Edwards
The Botanical register consisting of coloured figures of exotic plants cultivated in British gardens with their history and mode of treatment
Nº 288 Vol. IV (1818)
John Lindley: "[Borago = Trachystemon] Orientalis is found wild in Turkey; was received by Miller from the Botanic Garden at Paris, and cultivated at Chelsea in 1752. Flowering here in the open ground as early as March, the blossom is very liable to be defaced by the cold winds of that month, and is not often seen in perfection with us. Miller recommends the planting of it in old rubbish or on walls, where it grows less rankly, and is of course not so subject to be injured by the effects of early frosts, which sometimes destroy it in other situations.
The drawing was taken at the nursery of Messrs. Whitley and Co. Fulham. "

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