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68. Garuga pinnata, Rox : kharpat. A rather handsome, tall tree, whose old and blackened bark comes away in flakes leaving the fresh ash-coloured below. It is common throughout the inner part of the forest. The timber is little valued, but is used for planks, &c. The bark is collected by tanners, and the leaves, which are exceedingly subject to galls, are used as fodder, whence the name khar-pat—grass-leaf. Cart load /5 ; 4£ x l\ yd. 1/2.

The Technologist. Ed. by P.L. Simmonds
editado por Peter Lund Simmonds
Edição de , 1866, p. 385

L'Orto botanico di Padova nell' anno 1842 Por Roberto de Visiani, p. 83

Deriv. The Telugu name latinized.

Gen. Char. Calyx 5-furrowed : petals 5, linear, inserted into the mouth of the calyx between its lobes : aestivation valvular, with the margin incurved : 5 stamens inserted with the petals, and 5 at the base of the sepals: filaments hairy at the base: disk closely adhering to the calyx : ovary ovute, 5-celled : style thick : stigma 5-lobed.


G. Pinnata. (Roxb.)
Ident. W. & A. prod. I. p. 175.—Roxb. fl. Ind. II. p. 400.— Dec. prod. II. p. 80.
Engrav. Rheede Mal. IV. t. 33.—Wight's Icon. t. 1594-5.
Spec. Char. Large tree : leaves unequally pinnated, deciduous : leaflets nearly sessile, crenate-serrated : sepals erect: disk fleshy, 5-cleft: style about as long as the petals : drupe globose, fleshy, with from 1 to 5 one-seeded nuts : flowers panicled, yellowish-white, often covered with a mealy kind of substance.

The Ghauts. Coromandel. Assam and Northern India.
Flowering in March.

Drury, Heber
Hand-book of Indian Flora: Being a Guide to All the Flowering Plants Hitherto Described as Indigenous to the Continent of India

Edição de Trabancore Sircar Press, 1864

Calyx campanulate, five-toothed. Corol five-petalled inserted into the mouth of the calyx, alternate with five stamina, and just above the other five. Germ superior, five-celled ; cells two-seeded ; attachment subsuperior. Stigma five-lobed. Drupe with from one to five one-seeded nuts. Embryo inverse, no perisperm.

G. pinnata. R. Ind. pl. 3. N. 208.
Teling. G a ruga, or Garugoo.
Katou-Kalesjam. Rheed. Mal. 4 f.33.
Beng. Joom.
A tree of great size, a native of various parts of India. It flowers during the hot season. The fruit is eaten by the natives, both raw and pickled.

Roxburgh,William & Carey, William
Flora Indica, Or, Descriptions of Indian Plants: Or, Descriptions of Indian Plants
Printed for W. Thacker and Co., 1832

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