Saturday, 3 January 2009

Davallia canariensis

Ferns British and Exotic, E. J. Lowe, 1867

Davallia canariensis (L.) sm.

On reaching Cintra, the stranger is at once attracted by the fantastic forms of the granitic pinnacles which overhang the village. Here the botanist is struck by an abundance of fruticose Leguminosae [Gorse?] and by the ferns which announce that he is approaching the region of the semitropical Atlantic flora ... amongst the ferns Davallia canariensis is most conspicuous, covering the rocks ; while Asplenium palmatum lurks in deep crevices very difficult of access. In addition to these I gathered Asplenium Adiantum nigrum, var. Virgilii (Bory), a large Asplenium, with fronds 12 or 15 inches in length, and broad acutely divided pinnules (perhaps a remarkable variety of the last-named species), and another doubtful Asplenium with elongated oblong fronds, probably a variety of A. lanceolatum, Huds.

John Ball, Botanical Notes of an Excursion through Portugal and Spain, The Botanical Gazette, 1851

Trichomanes canariense L. 1753.

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