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Rhododendron arboreum

Rhododenron arboreum
Native of Nepal, on the mountains of Narainhetty, where it is called Booram by the natives.
G. Don, A general history of the dichlamydeous plants, London 1831-1838, 4 vols.
Temperate Himalaya; alt. 5-10,000 ft., from Kashmir to Bhotan, very common. Khasia Mts ; alt. 4-6000 ft., common Birma ; Kareen Hills.

Rhododendron windsori = Rhododendron arboreum subsp. arboreum

Nº. 5008 Curtis's Botanical Magazine 1857

Rhododendron arboreum

Nº. 168 Exotic Flora - J. D. Hooker

Illustration taken from a plant that flowered at Edinburgh in June 1825. Plant is native of Nepaul, where it was found by Dr. Hamilton and Dr. wallich about Narainhetty. In the Himalah mountains it grows among forests of oak, rising to a stem of 20 ft. or more and 16-24 ins in diameter. About London it has been cultivated in the open air, but has not yet flowered.

Rhododendron cinnamomeum Wall. G. Don, collected by Wallich in Nepal cat. nº. 757) is now considered a subspecies.

1982 Edwards Botanical magazine 1837 vol. 23 : About the year 1822 a considewrable quantity of seed of this plant was sent to England by Dr. wallich, through the Honourable Court of Directors of the East India Company; but the plants that were thus obtained do not appear to have blossomed before that which furnished the accompanying drawing in the nursery of Messrs. Rollinson of Tooting, in April last. The plant figured is the Nº. 760 of his Indian Herbarium, and there called R. cinnamomeum. Mr. Herbert informs me that the old white variety of R. arboreum is hardy, and has stood 12 or 13 years in the garden at Spofforth ; this may therefore be supposed to possess the same quality.

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