Saturday, 20 December 2008

Stairway and Hall (1869)

The transept gives on to a "spacious hall" that

Riseth around aërial,
Irregular, and its towering wall,
Reaching to second story's roof,
Is decorate of that marvellous woof,
Alhambra's diaper, yet we scan
In part design Knowlesian.
In this our cheery Hall ye see

Treasures of Rome's antiquity,
And in the centre, raiséd high
On pedastal, there solemn sits
A Sibyl of prophetic eye,
In white Carrara hewn, and flits
Before her inner vision dreams
Of man's far future ! awful beams
From his pale star of destiny
Seeking to pierce that fitful eye
Tranced in its marble ecstasy !

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