Monday, 22 December 2008

Sir Frederick and Lady Cook - 1904

Visconde & Viscondessa de Monserrate in 1904
Mary Anne Elizabeth Cotton married Frederick Cook on 7 January 1868. She died on 9 August 1913. Frederick Lucas Cook succeeded to the baronetcy 17th Feb. 1901.

Portraits from Misericordia de Sintra - erroneously ascribed to first Visconde. Frederick looked very much like his father, especially under a panama hat, but his wife Mary is unmistakably the same in both instances.


pedro rodrigues said...

Good Sir,

Just went to Palacio de Monserrate for the 2nd time and was again mesmerised specially with the gardens feeling and wondering how dear Beckford would have walked in those very same fields.

I have been, since almost 5 years, dedicating myself to an artistic project which consists on doing busts or full body sculptures (in paper mache) of historical figures.

Having moved to Sintra (thus fulfilling and early teenage dream) and always loved history I'd like to portray not only the royals which are connected to the history of Sintra but also the aristocrats and the artists that lived or, lets say, passed by. (in fact already have a few and had the chance of doing a one day exibition at Mu.Sa some weekends ago)

The Cook family is for sure in my list but I must confess that I feel a bit confused with Sir Francis and Sir Frederick. According to this post of yours I must assume that those portraits on the library are Sir Frederick and his wife, but ... how about the gentleman apearing on a big family photo (the same photo apearing on Montes da Lua website) and another one, again with panama hat wearing a suit, is it Sir Frederick too?
Thanking you for your atention,
Pedro Rodrigues

Gerald Luckhurst said...
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