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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 1848

May 16th 1848

The stated monthly meeting was held on Tuesday evening May 16, 1S43. The President in the chair. The exhibition was very handsome; among the great variety of plants were a number new or rarely seen, of which were a specimen of a green Rose, Doryanthes excelsa, in full flower, shown in R. Buist's collection. Azalea variegata, presenting one mass of flowers enveloping completely the entire plant, a most beautiful sight ; also a number of fine seedling Azaleas shown by Peler McKenzie. A fine specimen of Habrothamnus elegans, Rhododendron sp. etc- by James Bisset, gardener to James Dundas. A collection of choice Roses, Paul Joseph, Louis Bonaparte, &c., by William Mall. Several tables of Pelargonia, and collections of Tulips Also Indigenous Plants by Robert Kilvingion — specimens of Double flowered Lily of the Valley by Mrs G. Billmeyer. of German-town.

The Horticulturist and journal of rural art and rural taste.
Edited by A.J. Downing
Vol. II July 1847-June 1848
p. 575

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