Friday, 10 April 2009

Eucharis × grandiflora

Eucharis × grandiflora
Planch. & Linden, Fl. Serres Jard. Eur. 9: 255 (1854).

Update on Eucharis grandiflora. Posted here as Urceolina grandiflora (Planch. & Linden) Traub, Pl. Life 27: 58 (1971).

After having been old fashioned and calling this Eucharis grandiflora, then discovering (rather belatedly) the change to Urceolina, I now find that Raphael Govaerts at Kew has put it back where it belongs. Good job too, I was having trouble remembering the new name.

Maybe I will come around to putting it in Alliaceae too!

This plant has been shown to be a natural hybrid E. moorei × E. sanderi
Meerow, A. W. 1989. Systematics of the Amazon lilies, Eucharis and Caliphruria (Amaryllidaceae). Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 76: 136-220.

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