Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Agave atrovirens

Looks a bit like what is known in California as "Green Giant"

Any suggestions on ID?

Thanks to knowledgeable friends for identifying this one as

Agave atrovirens Karw. ex Salm-Dyck
Hort. Dyck.: 302 (1834).

Grown at Monserrate since the 19th century. Early literature refers this as Agave coccinea.


Rubus said...

The leaves aren't curved as an Agave salmiana and it has few leaves. Any reason not to be a regular Agave americana?

Gerald Luckhurst said...


Thanks for your comment. Agaves are a very tricky group and require expert knowledge. My Gurus have identified this one as [i]Agave atrovirens[/i] It seems that most if not all the Agaves at Monserrate belong to this species. Except of course the [i]A. americana[/i] 'Marginata' in the tazzi around the palacio.