Friday, 15 January 2010

Indigofera decora

Indigofera decora. Lindl. in Journ. of Hort. Soc. v. 1. p. 68. Bot. Reg. p. 32. t. 22.

A most lovely and ornamental greenhouse plant, by no means so generally seen in our collections as it deserves to be; a native of China, and cultivated in the gardens of Shanghai, whence Mr. Fortune introduced it to the Horticultural Society of London. It flowers early in the season, and a cool greenhouse is rendered quite gay with its blossoms, which are of a lively pink and rose-colour, arranged in long, erect racemes; add to which the leaves are pinnated and of the most delicate green.

Curtis's Botanical Magazine
Tab. 5063
Vol. 84,
July 1st 1858

Grown at Monserrate in 1861

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