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Aphelexis humilis

(Humble Aphelexis.)


Natural Order. ASTERACEAE. (Composites, Veg. King.)

Generic Character.— Capitulum many-flowered. Florets of the ray female, arranged in several rows, each with a spreading limb. Florets of the disk hermaphrodite. Receptacle paleaceous. Pappus setaceous.

Specific Character— Plant an evergreen shrub, about two feet in height. Branches numerous, slender, spreading, covered with a white tomentum. Leaves subulate, erect, imbricated. Peduncles scaly, single-flowered. Flowers rose-coloured.

This good old inhabitant of our greenhouses was introduced from the Cape of Good Hope, so long ago as 1810, and has always been a favourite amongst cultivators.

The beautiful flowers, which only expand during sunshine, are produced in great profusion in May and June, and are of a rich rose-colour. The habit of the plant is dwarf and spreading, and as the management is not difficult, it has for some years past, since cultivation has been well understood, held a place amongst first class subjects in all our Horticultural exhibitions.

Aphelexis Humilis Macrantha, Large-flowered Dwarf Aphelexis.—This is a very striking variety of the above, which was raised from seeds a few years ago, and, with a similar habit, has larger and more conspicuous flowers.

The soil in which these plants grow best is sandy peat, and it is advisable in potting to elevate them a little in the centre of the pots. Good drainage, also, is indispensable, and a judicious supply of water, especially during the winter season, which should be rather scanty than otherwise.

Cuttings strike readily, planted in pots of sand, and placed under a glass in a moderately cool part of the propagating house, where they will not receive too much moisture.

Our drawing was made in the garden at Brookland Park, Blackheath, in May, 1846.
The generic name is derived from apheles, simple, and exis, habit; habit and construction of the plants.

Paxton's magazine of botany, and register of flowering plants, Volume 15, 1849, p.269
Aphelexis macrantha Paxton
Fl. Mag. xv. 269.
xv. 269 0
Original Data:
Notes: =Helichrysum humile

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