Saturday, 16 January 2010

Dianella caerulea Sims

This plant is a native of New Holland, and we believe was first raised in this country from seeds from Port Jackson, about the year 1783, by our much respected friend, the late Mr. Cuff, of Teddington, a gentleman of great zeal and assiduity in cultivating plants and promoting the science of Botany, to vhose liberality the Brompton Botanic Garden is indebted for this and many other scarce and beautiful plants.

It succeeds well in the greenhouse, begins flowering about the month of May, and continues in blossom during the greatest part of the summer. Is readily increased by parting its roots in the spring, and should be planted in pots filled with loam and peat earth.

The Chevalier de la Marck. has given the name of Dianella nemorosa to the Dracaena ensifolia of Linnaeus, with which this plant has confiderable affinity, but is certainly a distinct species. The Dianella nemorosa of Jacquin, figured in his Hort. Schoenb. t. 94. appears to be different from both.
We have adopted the name by which it is known in those collections about town which possess it.—We hope to take another opportunity of saying something more on this genus as distinguished from Dracana.
Botanical Magazine 15: , t.505. 1801.
Grown at Monserrate 1861 together with another undentified species of the same genus from South Australia

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