Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fascicularia bicolor ssp. bicolor

Here is plate 8087 from Curtis's Botanical Magazine vol. 132, 1906. At this time it was published as Rhodostachys pitcairniifolia. This name has however been demonstrated as synonymous with
Ochagavia litoralis (Phil.) Zizka, Trumpler & Zöllner, Willdenowia 32: 340 (2002).

Ochagavia has red or pink petals. The plant illustrated above obviously has blue petals and is in fact a Fasicularia. It is a plant that is widely grown in mild European gardens. The muddle was sorted out by the same authors in the NEW PLANTSMAN of December 1997. The plant in the illustraion is Fascicularia bicolor ssp. bicolor.

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