Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Connoisseur, 1904

On June 25th, the sale (which realised ;£2 1,714) was also made up of many properties, and among these were a few unimportant pictures removed from the late Duke of Cambridge's residence at Kew; the late Miss G. L. Murray, the late Mr. Adrian C. F. Hope, with many others. Miss Murray's property included a pastel portrait by J. Russell of her mother when young, Miss Emily de Visme, afterwards Lady Murray, in white muslin dress with pink sash, playing a harp, signed and dated 1794, 53 in. by 43 in., by W. Bond, 200 gns., and Lawrence's Portrait of the same lady when a girl, in white dress with crimson sash and straw hat, seated on a bank in a wood, 50 in. by 40 in., 1,050 gns. ; both these pictures were engraved by W. Bond, that of the latter was published under the title of The Woodland Maid, Feb. 6th, 1794.

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