Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Myoporum parvifolium R.Br.

Myoporum Parvifolium.
Small-leaved Myoporum.
Class and Order. Didynamia Angiospermia.

Generic Character.

Cal. 5-partitus. Cor. tubo brevi ; limbo 5-fido, subaequali. Stigma obtusum. Drupa baccata, 2 — 4-locularis. Sem. i — 2, pendula.

Specific Character and Synonyms.

MYOPORUM parvifolium ; foliis alternis clavato-linearibus ramulisque glanduloso-tuberculatis, pedunculis subbipartitis, folium subaequantibus.

MYOPORUM parvifolium; foliis alternis linearibus obtusiusculis apice nunc dentatis basi attenuatis ramulisque glandulosis, pedunculis paslim bipartilis dimidio folio longioribus, caule diffufo. Brown Prod. PL Nov. Holl. p. 516. Hort. Kew. ed. alt. 4. p. 60.

POGONIA tuberculata, aspera vel scabra Hortulanis.

This is a very pretty little shrub, with sweetist honey-scented flowers; and flowering almost the whole of the year, is a valuable ornament to our greenhouses.

Being propagated by cuttings without difficulty, it is become pretty common, though no figure of it has, we believe, been hitherto published. We have received specimens of this plant from several quarters, under the names of Pogonia tuberculata, aspera, and scabra. Our drawing was taken from a plant communicated by Messrs. Loddiges and Sons. Introduced in 1803, by Mr. Peter Good.

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