Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hibiscus Cameroni-fulgens Lindley

A specimen of this fine plant was sent us in August 1843, by Messrs. Rollissons, of Tooting, who state that it is a hybrid, between Hibiscus Cameroni and H. fulgens. H. Cameroni is a Madagascar shrub, with heartshaped 5-lobed leaves, buff flowers, with five deep crimson spots in the eye, and a very small involucre; H. fulgens is a garden name for a varietv of H. Rosa Sinensis.

The produce of these two is the very handsome variety now figured, which, as might have been anticipated, proves worthy of so beautiful a parentage.

We presume it to be a stove shrub.

The Botanical Register, Vol. 30, 1844


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