Thursday, 31 December 2009

Aristolochia cymbifera

Aristolochia labiosa Ker Gawl. Bot. Reg. 8: t. 689. 1823

Curtis's botanical magazine, Vol 52

Aristolochia labiosa is a handsome climber, the leaves being of a delicate lively green and the flowers very large, beautifully variegated, and of a grotesque form ; but its scent is very offensive, resembling that of some of the Stapelias, and not very unlike the smell of decayed fish.
For an opportunity of offering to our readers a drawing of this very rare plant, we are indebted to the Count De Vandes, in whose splendid collection at Bayswater, this plant flowered in the hot-house, in September 1824. It is a native of Brazil, from whence it was introduced into the Kew Gardens, by Messrs. Cunningham and Bowie, the king's collectors.
Aristolochia cymbifera Mart. & Zucc. Nov. Gen. Sp. Pl. (Martius) i. 76. t. 49. i. 76. t. 49.

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