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Francis Cook's collection of Classical Statuary at Monserrate

Summary of article from Archäologische Zeitung by W. Gurlitt

Francis Cook collected a great variety of sculpture, some of it ancient others were modern copies.
Gurlitt gives a list of sculpture at Monserrate excluding modern pieces.

1) Small reproduction of the well-known statue of the Nile (In the stairway)
2) Lifesize statue of Roman Youth, head from white marble, body in brown marble (Library)
3) Statue of Mercury (less than life size) white marble somewhat restored (small room besides library)
4) Small stature of a bearded Satyr draped with a lionskin [?]

1) Head of Satyr (heavily restored) lifesize (stairway)
2) Emperor Vespasian in black marble (stairway)
3) Head of a Barbarian in black marble (stairway)
4) Bust of Homer (Library) probably a modern reproduction of well known type
5) Head of Warrior, from black-green stone, life-sized, bust of white marble, possibly modern (library)
6) Peculiar broad head on a strong neck with short beard, black marble (modern).Bust in white and brown flecked marble (ancient). (Library)
7) Female Egyptian head, very fine work in dark green stone, under life sized. (Library)
8) Female head with calm expression possibly Minerva. (Library)
9) Double bust of an old Satyr with a Bacchanate made from marble surrounded by an ivy wreath. Much restored. (Library)
10) Small bust of Roman matron. (Library)
11) Bust of youthful Roman Emperor perhaps Commodus, life sized. Some restoration to left side of face. Head from white marble, bust in brown yellow stone. (In the "rotunda" gallery)

Bas Relief
Hercules sits upon a rock over which a lionskin is spread, his club leans against it. Behind a tree bearing three hesperidan apples. To the right stands a richly dressed woman.
Other reliefs, including one of Nymphs and Leander swimming are decidedly modern.

Two Vases in the room beside the library (form nº 40 as identified by O. Jahn)
1) a) a bearded priest fully dressed standing before an altar
b) a young naked Satyr with a long tail
2) a) a young man fully clothed except naked right arm and shoulder
b) a young man, naked

In a room to the right of the entrance
3) a vase (form nº 35 - O. Jahn)
only one side visible showing a naked young man

In the library
4) large vase with big handles (form nº 34 O. Jahn)
a) a woman holding a long staff, a warrior in a chariot, horses
b) another military scene with incriptions

Of several other items Gurlitt deems worthy of mention a small terracotta reproduction of the well known Sophocles [?] with both shoulders exposed. Also a lamp with the inscription STROBILI.

In the garden are three Sarcophagi aquired by the owner after hearing about them in Rome.

The first measures 2 foot 4 inches high and 6 feet nine inches long, on the lid a woman holding a bowl stretchs out. The body is rather too big for the small head. The relief is set out omn both sides of a column. Eight persons wearing caps engaged in a lively combat.

In another part of the garden lie the second and third sarcophagi likewise obtained from Rome.

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