Sunday, 7 June 2009

Metrosideros robusta with Leptospermum at Monserrate

Photographed June 2009

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Anonymous said...

Hello Gerald, that is a massive Metrosideros; they grow so much bigger at cooler latitudes than mine,sadly. They seem prone to fungal diseases of the stem in warm humid summers,and the flowers seem shorter lasting and less vivid.

I think that's the Leptospermum in my front garden, L.polygalifolium 'Cardwell',used to be L.flavescens ditto,IIRC. I inherited an ancient contorted specimen-rather like the former owner- when I bought the house, contemplating removing it,until it flowered magnificently and decisively.It will be budding up soon for southern spring. Have you other Leptospermum in Lisbon? L.leuhmannii is worth chasing for its bark.