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Urceolina grandiflora

Flore des serres et des jardins de l’Europe
1854, volume 9, p.255, plate 957
Gand, Louis van Houtte.

Urceolina grandiflora (Planch. & Linden) Traub
Plant Life 27: 58. 1971
Genus Urceolina Rchb. Conspectus Regni Vegetabilis 61. 1828. Two subgenera: Caliphruria & Eucharis, again since Traub in 1971.

Well that was a surprise. I've never heard anyone call Eucharis by that name. Still must keep up to date I suppose, only 38 years behind! Never heard of the genus Urceolina either - and that was coined in 1828. Described at Monserrate 1890.

C'est de la province de Choco, dans la Nouvelle Grenade. Introduite par Triana, dans les serres de M. Linden (Colombia). 1854

Sols riches humides, parfois temporairement innondables, en sous-bois sombre des forêts tropicales primaires. (That should be easy to arrange!)

Curtis's Botanical Magazine 4971 vol. 83 (1857) Hooker had it from Veitch and Son, on King's Road under the name of Eucharis amazonica which he immediately dismissed in favour of E. grandiflora of Planch & Linden. Blossoms in the stove in the winter months, the "truly noble pure white flowers" are highly fragrant.

Eucharis grandiflora Planch. & Linden
Eucharis amazonica Linden ex Planch

Eucharis candida grandiflora Hort.

du grec eu, vrai, et kharis, grâce. Prénom grec
Nymph Eucharis, Lord Frederic Leighton, 1863

Just for curiosity here is Urceolina urceolata, syn. U. pendula
Collected by Pearce for Veitch in Peru. Flowered June 1864.

Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Vol.90 Ser.3 n.20: Tab.5464 (1864).

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